You are what you say… literally

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“You are what you say” is a common saying. If you think about it much of what defines you and much of how you define yourself over time is how you choose to describe the realities around you and your emotions to things that affect you. Nowadays much of this writing goes into social forums. For some reason we feel more open with a keyboard and the knowledge that many people will read it rather than saying it directly. I digress.

The American Heritage Dictionary has found a clever way of visualizing this concept – that we are what we say. How? By engaging people to create a self-portrait in their own words. Visitors to can upload a photo or use their webcam to take a picture of themselves. They can then connect to Facebook or Twitter to pull in words from their social stream, or enter words that best define who they are. From there, a server-side application composites a user’s words with their photo, creating a unique word-based self portrait.


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