How legacy companies can break category conventions

Technology has allowed countless categories to be completely disrupted. Most often, startups are the ones doing the disrupting. Therefore, when legacy companies find ways of getting out of their own way to lead change, it is worth acknowledgement. Home improvement chain, Castorama, did exactly that with its wallpaper line.

The choice of wallpaper for a child’s room, is often an important decision because it no only adds mood but stimulates imagination. One of the daily rituals where a child’s imagination is activated, contributing to a healthy sleep, is bedtime storytelling. Castorama saw an opportunity to make this ritual a little bit more exciting through the use of simple technology added to its wallpaper product.

Castorama created a wallpaper full or animated characters and then created stories around these characters using a simple app. Combine characters and you also create new stories. Therefore, your child’s wall becomes an endless book that provides countless different stories for bedtime reading. Absolutely brilliant. Have a look.

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