Content marketing that hijacks conversations

Content marketing is the future. With purchase journeys and the path to meaningful brand relationships becoming more complex, developing content to engage in conversations that matter is what companies are increasingly exploring. Early in the funnel it is important to inspire and help discovery (of a point of view, association, etc.). This is where content needs to be meaningful and where creativity is paramount. A few examples of brands that have found interesting ways to create their desired associations are from Under Armour, Cadbury, and Groupon.

Under Armour was trying to create a stronger association with one of their star athletes, Stephen Curry. However, many other of his sponsors were getting greater association. Therefore, the company decided to connect themselves to the one thing that defined this basketball athlete – his three point shooting. As such, they developed short, bite-sized video content that was aired every time Stephen sunk a 3 point shot during the NBA playoffs. They ended up airing over 91 videos and were finally able to build that association between Under Armour and Stephen Curry. Have a look.

Cadbury in South Africa looked to piggy-back on popular internet videos of people celebrating in funny ways. Therefore, the developed Youtube pre-roll films that showed “the moments that led to the celebration”. The short film content was brilliant because it allowed the brand to be where their consumers were already going, and adding value to that experience. Have a look.

Groupon did something similar for their Summer campaign, where they sought out popular Youtube fail videos that could be associated with the type of deal categories that they were selling. Therefore, they offered up a better that can found on Groupon. The video content helped people discover the interesting deals that Groupon had in a funny and interesting way that made these fail videos that much more entertaining.

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