What we can takeaway from the Superbowl in 2013? Realism and authenticity in storytelling is what people really like

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The Superbowl 2013 is now a week past and the conversations around the advertising have faded. The work was not all that great this year. Even trades weren’t overly enthusiastic about the work (see here and here). However, an interesting takeaway is that the stories that are real (either in the emotion that they convey or the actual topic of the story) seem to resonate more deeply. This isn’t a new thing in the advertising landscape. The move towards greater authenticity has been going for a while, pushed by consumer demand for it (see article here).

A format that has been able to power great authenticity in moving picture storytelling is the voice-over storyteller. The reason for this that there is a separation between action and narration which allows the viewer a space to get into the story on their terms and interprete the details as they wish. There is also a level of authority that gives the content credibility. Have a look at the best, in my opinion and that of many others, commercial of the Superbowl this year for Dodge Ram. Then look at a close runner for Bud and an interesting commercial for McLaren. Enjoy.

Dodge Ram – “Farmer”

Budweiser – “Brotherhood”

McLaren for their 50th Anniversary – “Courage”

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