Want to become an accomplished film director? It may be possible in a pair of Levi’s

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It seems like countless brands lately are trying to associate themselves with the creative community. The belief is that these people are the trendsetters, the evangelists, and those that can fuel the right attribute associations. The challenge is that when everyone does it starts to become wallpaper and perhaps even price-of-entry among certain categories. Fashion definitely falls into this.

Levi’s is one of the Brands that is digging into creative culture to further its drive towards reigniting Brand Love. The way that they are getting involved in this community feels very organic, focusing on the pioneers and workers of their respective crafts. This makes sense for the Brand given its heritage with people on the frontiers. It also lines up nicely with their “Go Forth” campaign.

Their most recent initiative is a film workshop in Los Angeles, which follows a photography workshop in NYC and an art workshop in San Francisco. The goal is to provide a forum for filmmakers to have access to tools to unleash their creativity (ie. editing and camera equipment), the people that can make them think differently (Shepard Fairey and Spike Jonze), and a unique end goal. For more go to the site – http://workshops.levi.com/

The challenge for Levi’s is to ensure that the product and Brand is central to the experience. While their creative initiatives and Brand values line up, the experiences don’t seem to have the Brand at the center. As a result, other Brands with similar grassroots approaches to the creative community (such as Converse) could do the same thing.

Levi’s Film Workshop from Levi’s Film Workshop on Vimeo.

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