VW and the art of the epic online treasure hunt

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volkswagen-volkswagen-fox-rock-in-rio-route-online-357528-adeeveeThe treasure hunt is a long-standing digital marketing tactic that continues to be incredibly powerful when wrapped in great creativity. We have seen epic treasure hunt campaigns in the past that have been admired by the marketing and advertising world all around. Such brilliant efforts such as The Dark Knight launch (see here) or Jay-Z’s Decoded launch (see here), remind us of how powerful tapping into fan’s love for a Brand and a human’s innate desire to explore can yield great results.

Automotive Brands have played with treasure hunt tactics a great deal. One of the more memorable ones came out of Sweden for Mini called the “Getaway” (see case here). Exploration and “a journey” is part of the DNA of the automotive industry and thus allowing their consumers to feel what their version of escape feels like will get consumers that much closer to putting a Brand into their consideration set. Should a car Brand couple exploration and the fun associated in a treasure hunt with music, then you’ve got the makings for a really powerful promotion.

VW in Brazil is the sponsor of the famous Rock in Rio music festival. For this year’s festival, they decided to allow fans to immerse themselves in Rock folklore through an epic treasure hunt. Through a partnership with Google, VW allowed fans to discover all the places around the globe that were infamous in rock history. Whether it was a bar, a venue, a home, a street corner, a shop, etc. fans could travel the globe online and discover new things about the bands they loved. In the process, you could discover hidden tickets to the festival. Have a look at the case study here.

VW – Fox Rock in Rio (ENG) from AlmapBBDO Internet on Vimeo.

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