Using media creatively: JCDecaux, Geico & Volvo

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images (1)Every marketer faces the challenge of media clutter. There are simply too many options and consumers are tuning out messages that fall into the “expected” way that a certain medium should be used. Advertisers too ofter proliferate this paradox because they follow the “proven effective” approaches preached by the media owners or research companies.

Select brave advertisers have looked to break the conventions and have benefited handsomely.

The first example is JCDecaux who was seeing investment stagnate because of a misguided perception of chief executives that outdoor advertising just doesn’t drive attention. As such, JCDecaux in Belgium┬ádeveloped a “wanted poster” type advertising series with the faces of Marketing Directors from leading companies in Belgium. Each executive was put on just one poster and then posted in one location close to their respective offices. The response rate was staggering and completely changed the perception of these marketers. Have a look.

The second example comes from Volvo who wanted to leverage the reach power of the Superbowl in North America but didn’t want to pay for it. The Superbowl is the biggest single gaming event on the planet and attracts the biggest advertisers in North America. They pay unbelievable sums of money just to air a 30 second ad. Volvo did not want to do this, so they decided to let the other car brands do the talking for them. They ran a PR program before the Superbowl encouraging viewers to tweet #volvointerception #volvocontest each time there was a car commercial from any car brand to have a chance to win a Volvo. As such, they intercepted every car brand’s commercial. Brilliant. Have a look.

The third example is Geico who was able to make the pre-roll skip on Youtube “unskippable”. They developed content so short yet so engaging that it was impossible to skip it not just from a timing perspective but also from an entertainment value perspective. The content was so goofy that you had to keep on watching. The work won them acclaim at the Cannes Lions festival this year. Have a look.

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