Top tech start ups & how they pitched VCs

airbnb-pitch-deck-coverHave you ever wondered what some of today’s most admired tech companies pitched in order to get that crucial funding they needed to storm ahead into stardom? The guy at collected sections of the pitch decks from companies like Airbnb, LinkedIn, Buzzfeed, and WeWork to give show all inspiring entrepreneurs some tips from those that made it happen.

In all honesty there are only a few that I would call out: Airbnb, WeWork, and LinkedIn. What I like about these pitches is that they are very simple, let the product do the talking (vs. solely the numbers), and are inspiring. By reading them you are immediately brought onto their journey, and can see the change that their tech will bring to not just their target industry, but also the world.

This trait is all important when developing a product or service and the founder of Box (interview posted in the article – see here) underscores this – you must solve a problem and fundamentally believe and are consumed by the industry you are trying to reinvent. Too often people are caught up in the desire to make money, do analyses on potential market opportunities, but rarely have passion for what they creating. Those will have a higher probability of failure. The reality is that too many of these types of entrepreneurs are too short term driven (often management consulted trained) that they look for a quick industry opportunity versus a fundamental category disruption that has longevity due to its boldness.

Have a look at the following pitches that illustrate the points above.

Airbnb 2008 Seed Deck

WeWork 2014 Series D funding

LinkedIn 2004 Series B funding

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