The world’s biggest sneaker collection: Sneakerpedia

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Sneakers are much more than simple shoes with a purpose. They are a lifestyle. Sneakerheads collect them like a teen collects Facebook friends. There are trade shows, magazines, websites, and much more dedicated to this sub-culture. To tap into this huge passion, Footlocker has decided to create the largest collection. However, instead of doing it alone, it wants the global sneaker community to do it. Enter Sneakerpedia.

Sneakerpedia is an attempt at creating the world’s biggest sneaker collection. As the name suggests it is a wiki that encourages users to upload pictures and information of their favorite sneakers. Together , the global sneaker community can create the epicenter of “sneakerdom”. You will be able to search sneakers by the way they are tagged. However, it will be much more than simple brand names. There will be tags about stitching, materials, linings, etc. There can also be associations – who’s wearing what (ie. what celebs are wearing what sneakers).

The site is currently in beta and is not live yet. It will shortly so get your kicks ready.

Sneakerpedia Trailer from Sneakerpedia on Vimeo.

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