The secret to a good stunt: activate intense emotions of those unknowing participants: Nivea, Coke, Oi and others show us how

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Some of the most entertaining stunts are those that border on pranks, where the innocent participant finds him or herself in situations that spike one of their emotions, be that stress, fear, surprise, etc. There have been some really powerful stunts over the past few months from all types of Brands that activate very different emotions: There was the Oi Mobile stunt in Brazil that ignited kids sense of joy and excitement (see here); the Coke Zero Bond stunt that fueled people with their sense of action and adventure (see here); or the Cape Town DNA project that shocked people (see here).

One of the most powerful emotions to lean into for an entertaining stunt is stress or fear. Hidden-camera shows have worked on this emotion for years. The challenge for Brands is to not take it too far (as hidden-camera shows do) and make the emotion tied to the benefit of the Brand or product. Carlsberg did this well with their cinema stunt (see here). Now Nivea belongs to this group.

Nivea recently did a stunt to promote their stress-relieving products by making people feel stressful and offering up their product as a solution. They take the situation just far enough to activate the emotion, and not too far where it becomes unkind. Have a look.

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