The safety video is the new frontier in airline advertising

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virgin-atlantic-vid-grabThe safety video for airlines has now become a marketing lever. Ever since Virgin America developed one of the most entertaining inflight safety videos (see here), more and more airlines have seen the value in adding a good dose of creativity to this traditionally mundane video asset. Not only does this approach appeal to the new generation of flyers, but it improves passenger attention as well as provides the airline with a piece of social media content that, if done well, can drive a lot of awareness for the Brand.

The most recent safety video creations come from Virgin Atlantic and Air New Zealand. The video for Virgin America is a brilliant animation film in its own right and approaches the safety video in a way that you would never imagine. There is a nice link to their celebrated entertainment offering. Have a look.

Air New Zealand is no newbie to the “creative safety video”. They become recognised for innovation in this area when they developed a Hobbit-inspired safety video in conjunction with the launch of the film (see here). They even were playing around with this format many years prior when partnering with the All Blacks rugby team to develop a truly funny safety video (see here). However, their 2014 safety videos developed with adventurer Bear Grylls and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models are brilliant. Not only do they sell tourism for the country, they sell the airline Brand. This regular update of the safety video using native attractions and celebrities ensures that people will always pay attention to the video when on-board, and that their social media content pool is regularly refreshed. Have a look and enjoy.

Air New Zealand even tapped Betty White late last year to develop a safety video. The humour and approach is absolutely genius. Moreover, the amount of celebrity cameos in the video suggest that the impact of these films from a marketing perspective is really high. Have a look and get ready to chuckle.

Even the old guard of airlines has gotten into this new content arena. in 2013 Delta Airlines did a funny safety video celebrating 80s icons. Its by now means as entertaining as those shown above, but it does indicate that this new marketing touch point is not a fad but will be given increasing attention in the years ahead. Have a look.

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