The iconic people and landscapes of NYC brought to life using the subway Metrocard

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I am always impressed with artists that are able to create true gems using unconventional materials, or even better, limited materials. In doing so, they truly show their craft. Several weeks ago I shared works from an artist that created brilliant pieces using only CDs of the artist he was bringing to life (see here).

Arguably one of the least inspiring materials off of which to create artistic masterpieces is a subway card such as the NYC Metrocard. Nina Boesch proves us wrong. She has created a series of pieces done solely using the Metrocard. The result is a collection of beautiful wall-art. Nina has taken the theme even further in that the subjects of the pieces are all related to NYC. Here is her website.

Imagine taking the subway theme further and doing a series of collections each using cards from other iconic cities such as London, Paris, Shanghai, Berlin. Enjoy the pieces below.

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