The creative power in lamps? Oh yes

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If someone were to ask me “give me 10 industries that you find very creative”, there is a good chance that lamp-making would not fall into that list. However, this business is frequently a breeding ground for stunning works of art. You need only go to your local craft market or hipster neighborhood and there is likely to be a maker of very cool lamps.

A case in point is this unique designer from Poland called Przemek, also known as Calabarte. Przemek studied building engineering at a technical university and even worked in an architectural studio for 3 years. However, after 7 years of studies he decided that making lamps was his real passion, so he quit both his job and his studies. He traveled far away to Senegal and brought back some of the African gourds which he used as his main material to create his fascinating lamps.

Have a look at his gems. Enjoy.

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