The best way to promote your agency

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The agency landscape has a lot of brilliant choices for clients to choose from and the number of agencies is growing, as specialisation advances and independent-minded creatives go at it on their own. The challenge is, just like advertising itself, to be able to break from the clutter. Clearly the work will speak for itself but for smaller shops in smaller markets, where profile is not as easy as to attain as it is for agencies in creative hubs, the need to, well, be creative is how “unfair” share of noticeability can be achieved. Toronto agency John St. is a true champion at this.

downloadThe agency regularly taps into marketing trends and spoofs them to the extreme. They did this a few years back with “Catvertising” (see at bottom of post). Not only do these cultural commentary pieces show the agency’s creative prowess, they allow the agency people to have a ton of fun and really make fun of what the industry talks about. In doing so, it brings to life the attitude of the agency which will nicely compliment certain clients and client teams.

The video below speaks about the current trend of real-time advertising. Clearly Brands want to be able to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. The ability to do that is very possible but sometimes the industry takes it way too far. This spoof illustrates that. Have a look.

John St. did this spoof promotion before as you can see with the video below. A bit of media money may have been able to accelerate their reach. Nonetheless, their approach to self-promotion is briliant.

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