The best Christmas advertising so far? Look to Brazil then the UK

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Christmas is just around the corner and the flurry of advertising is everywhere. Each year there are a few examples of Brands that tap into the spirit of the holidays in a very human way, that consequently really resonates. My most memorable initiative was by Spanair where they surprised travelers on Christmas with a special delivery while they were waiting for their luggage (see here). The setting was real and universally emotionally understood, the action was noticeable but honest, the reactions were all very real and thus utterly authentic. This is what the holidays are really about – happy and authentic moments that bring out the best in you.

This year, I have seen several initiatives that do a good job at capturing the true Christmas spirit (eg Coke Christmas Carol Machine – see here). I also think that John Lewis’ ad in the UK really pulls on the perfect heartstrings, allowing your own connection to the holiday to be reawakened (see the ad here). However, the initiative that I think is strongest so far is by Oi, a Brazilian telecom operator. It is a simple stunt where they converted a street phone booth into “a direct line to Santa”. Kids would be invited to call Santa and wish for a gift. The surprise on their faces is so beautiful because it is real. That simple conversation ignited their love and excitement around Christmas. This real emotion captured by those (the kids) that really believe in the spirit and values of the holiday is what makes this special. Have a look. It is in Portuguese but you’ll understand the story regardless.

Here is the John Lewis ad – I had to show it because it is so heart-wrenching. 

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