The art of interception from Old Spice, Emart, and Coke

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Interception has long been the aspiration of advertising and media. To find the right moment with the right message and incentive is what advertising is all about. Through the proliferation of touch-points coupled with advances in technology, creativity has been given an almost endless amount of options and opportunities. The challenge is to awaken curiosity and desire rather than irritation and undesired distraction. It is the inability to properly deal with this challenge that results in the endless amount of clutter that surrounds us daily, which not only makes us more averse to advertising but also a lot smarter about its usage. As such, strong interception has to find the right degree of provocation and add value to a consumer at that specific time.

oldspicecrop_0A brilliant example of digital interception has been done by Old Spice. They developed a series of “dummy” banner ads and moving image ads selling the most absurd products and services that grab your attention because of the silliness of it all, or because you hope that there is that miracle “hair loss cream”. The ads lure you into fake website that dissolve when clicked revealing the Old Spice guy who announces that he is going to save you from sorry decisions and a lonely life. The targeting is brilliant and the entertainment value high enough for the content to spread very quickly. Have a look at the video and false websites.




A really great example of intercepting consumers to distribute coupons comes from Emart in Korea. Instead of using mailing lists to send coupons or social media, the Brand decided to go to consumers in places where they would least expect it and do so in the most unexpected ways – through inflatable delivery buses! These floating buses were equipped with free WIFI which when accessed with serve up coupons from Emart that you could cash in through their mobile store. Therefore, when people were on their way home from work in buses, or taking a lunch break, Emart would be there to help them take care of shopping so that they could use their free time more preciously. Absolutely genius.

The last example of brilliant interception comes from Coca-Cola in Sweden. The stunt has become Coke’s go-to content play. They have mastered how to make great ones, and how to use them across their digital ecosystem. A recent manifestation of this took place in the heart of the Swedish Winter, where longing for the Summer is a way of getting through the frigid days and nights. Coke decided to spark moments of happiness by intercepting public transport commuters as they waited in the cold for their bus. A vending machine was based in bus shelter and upon buying a Coke, the entire shelter revealed a sunny Summer environment, allowing those people to feel the comfort and happiness of Summer for that little moment in time. A great addition to their #ReasonsToBelieve pool of assets.

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