Tech creativity to fuel architecture creativity

1456705742-hololens-3d-cad-design-microsoftThe main task of tech is to address problems through information, to allow businesses to thrive by facilitating the capability of the employees.
A recent innovation by Microsoft is doing just that.

The HoloLens allows creative builders, such as architect Greg Lynn, to visualize buildings to scale so that the reality of his imagination can be quickly turned into practicality. This ensures quicker turn around on ideas and keeps creativity high given the ability to add onto ideas and translate those into reality in real time.

The idea is not ground-breaking but unbelievably useful given the need and desire to keep fresh thinking at a constant buzz level to come up with creations that will change the world. If you go through the “old” way of model-building you will most certainly encounter lulls due to time or just the realization of failure that taps creative energy. Have a look.

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