Tapping into everyday talented people

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Google-ad_thumbThere are countless talented people┬áthat aren’t able to share their gifts with the world at large. Through technology, a burgeoning creative culture, access to influences from around the world, and many other inspirations, talent is being cultivated in places that it likely wasn’t a few generations ago. However, even though social media has allowed so much creativity to be shared, great talent often gets lost in the clutter. This is where Brands can play an important role to expose this talent through their access to resources.

Google has historically celebrated talent from its community. The people that are able to innovate, find interesting ways to market their ideas, share stories, galvanise people around their interests, are those that Google seeks to expose in order for “the ordinary guy” to inspire his or her neighbour. A recent initiative takes inspiration from Erno Rubik who says that the success of his “cube” was because it forced the players to ask questions versus draw on pre-taught answers. The project challenges current teaching paradigms, which is a role that a Brand should take if it truly wants to create meaningful change. Have a look.

Another brilliant example of a Brand that taps into everyday talent comes from Pandora who found an innovative way to celebrate the huge musical talent among New York City buskers. Called Pandora Internet Radio Underground Stations, the program plays pre-recorded songs from the best NYC Subway performers. Not only can audiences around the world now enjoy this music, but they can also see where these people play, and even order a vinyl of the songs. Very cool. Have a look.

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