Stunts in 2013? Thriving and expect more

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Stunts have been a thriving marketing tactic in 2013 and will definitely continue to grow in the coming year given their ability to be very liquid in the amount of assets that they generate, not to mention significant chatter. Coca-Cola has been a champion this year, creating brilliant stunts in all corners of the world (see here and here and here). During Christmas we can expect to see some interesting experiments. Already there are some activations being discussed online.

A Christmas stunt that I’ve come across is both funny but also heart-warming. It leverages the popularity of drones to create a scenario where people are forced to show their affection to one another. I am actually surprised that Coke didn’t think of something similar given that it falls within their sweet spot. In short, a drone is used to carry around mistletoe in San Francisco’s Union Square, catching people in the spirit to “take charge of their emotions”.

Heineken has also entered the holiday season with a fun stunt that allows you to take your carolling to a whole new level. They set up fake Karaoke rooms that open up to a studio where jolly carollers are given the opportunity to strut their stuff in-front of audiences in both Madison Square Gardens and Times Square in NYC by live streaming. Few had the courage to be massively humiliated, but others enjoyed the moment. They were praised for their bravery and for living life to the fullest at every moment.

Going back a few months to the Summer, Sony did a smart stunt at a music festival in the UK that “forced” people to try their new phones. They set up a charging station for the phones of festival goers. While their phones were being charged, Sony offered each person a new Sony phone to use until theirs were charged. People gladly took advantage of the free service and thus used the new Sony phones for several hours, experimenting with all the important functionalities – text, dial, photo, etc. Have a look at the case study.

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