Role of product masterclass: Mercedes & Tide

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The best television commercials are those where you cannot recount the story without mentioning the Brand because its role is integral to the narrative. Mercedes recently launched a film whose goal was to merchandise their Brake Assist System. To do this they tapped into children’s universal joy of smashing toy cars together. It is so obvious that you wonder why others hadn’t thought of it before. As a result, the story was so good, so relatable, so memorable, and so connected to the Brand that its praise is absolutely justified. Have a look.

Mercedes was able to show us Role Of Product mastery in TV, but Tide shows us mastery in stunts. Racial tensions are more acute in the US of late and few Brands would dare venture into the debate for fear of backlash. Tide decided to make a statement about the possibility of washing away racial labels, by using “dirty” t-shirts (shirts that had ketchup stains in the form of racial comments) and cleaning them of the filth. The initiative is called #WashAwayLabels. An absolutely brilliant and powerful demonstration of how we can tackle racism through simple actions. Have a look.

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