Powerade vs. Gatorade. 1-0

13827343_136632900109654_328013026_nThe battle of the sports drinks is in full swing with new creative work from both launching over the past weeks. Gatorade has been a master in its creative work over the decades, but Powerade is de-throning the giant.

The new work from Powerade really captures the true sports spirt, whereas that from Gatorade is a forced, artificial story that doesn’t inspire. Powerade has taken the pure sports ethos with its positioning, Power Through. It captures the essence of pushing yourself to your edge, achieving performance that you didn’t know you had, and evolving as a human being in the process. Gatorade, on the other hand, just leans into celebrity athlete malaise, almost a Kardashian-style reality episode story for athletes. In short, fake and not something to admire. Their “Win From Within” position is very similar to that of Powerade but their manifestation of it is just, well, lame.

Have a look and decide for yourself.

Powerade – Power Through Olympic spot 2016

Gatorade – Win From Within spot 2016

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