Photography that captures the full power of life

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The most beautiful part of photography is that it allows you to see and digest the full realm of emotions and messages that are housed in every second that we live in. Our naked eye simply cannot register all this information, or if it can it locks it into a part of our subconscious that we cannot easily access. The following two series of photos are perfect examples of how the art of photography, when done well, is arguably the most powerful tool to discover the richness of the world around us.

The first series of photos are of what legendary photographer Henri Cartier Bresson would call The Decisive Moment. These perfectly timed shots capture stories in everyday life that we most certainly would miss because they require keen observation and patience to see, two characteristics that many of us don’t have, or don’t have the luxury to indulge in.

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The second series of photos are by Vivian Maier taken in NYC and Chicago in the 50s and 60s. They capture the essence of the times and the spirit of those that lived in that moment in history. The realities and routines of the day are immortalised and give us a true feel for everyday existence in that era in the two powerhouse cities in North America. The Black & White nature of the photos adds that much more power and authenticity because you don’t get distracted by colour and thus can focus solely on the actions.

new-york-chicago-street-photography-vivian-maier-3 new-york-chicago-street-photography-vivian-maier-8 new-york-chicago-street-photography-vivian-maier-9 new-york-chicago-street-photography-vivian-maier-11 new-york-chicago-street-photography-vivian-maier-16 new-york-chicago-street-photography-vivian-maier-18 new-york-chicago-street-photography-vivian-maier-19 new-york-chicago-street-photography-vivian-maier-23 new-york-chicago-street-photography-vivian-maier-27 new-york-chicago-street-photography-vivian-maier-29 new-york-chicago-street-photography-vivian-maier-31 new-york-chicago-street-photography-vivian-maier-32 new-york-chicago-street-photography-vivian-maier-33 new-york-chicago-street-photography-vivian-maier-34 new-york-chicago-street-photography-vivian-maier-35

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