Outdoor advertising that interacts with its environment

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There are a lot of create pieces of outdoor and print work at Cannes this year. One of the great themes of the festival this year are about work that engages with its environment. That way the work doesn’t feel like a flat piece of art but rather an experience that contributes to its environment and actually enhances it versus disrupts it. Some of the work below brings this to life.

Lego is constantly pushing its creative boundaries and a recent outdoor initiative is beauty illustration of this. To ignite the imagination of people who are visiting or leaving the world famous Hamley’s Toy store in London, Lego created a Lego London Underground bus stop. Brilliant.


Penguin has created some world class print work over the past few years. A recent series from China continues this tradition. The way that this work captures the mindset and interests of the different ages groups is not just right, not just very telegraphic, but incredibly creative. Have a look.

apple house

To bring to life the idea that Teleclub to not have commercial breaks, they developed an outdoor campaign that… doesn’t really advertise. Each of the surfaces behind the advertising units is left exposed. The action brings to life the message. Very smart.

teleclub2 teleclub3 teleclub4

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