Old Spice mock other P&G brands

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Old Spice has hit a creative stride that is unbelievable. I was a bit worried with their Fabio ads but then they returned with the good stuff. Recently they introduced their Facebook Timeline page which has a ton of amazing content that really brings to life the creativity of the Brand. The humor is absolutely genius and you can easily spend hours scrolling around discovering their great stories.

When I discovered the attached work I was absolutely blown away. Old Spice was able to convince other Brands (Charmin & Bounce) within the Procter & Gamble family to be spoofed. To me it makes perfect sense because both brands actually win. The core message of both gets communicated and the confidence of the Brand being mocked is merchandised. However, I also know how such companies operate and such “risk-taking” doesn’t always prevail. A bit hat off to the Procter for having the courage and intelligence to make such a move.

Enjoy the films.

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