Nudes like you’ve never seen them before

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Most of you will have seen the artwork from Spencer Tunick before. He is the artist that shoots incredible installations using nude people. I have seen the occasional work but when a blog that I follow (Fubiz), displayed a series of his works I wanted to dedicate a post of my blog to his work.

Spencer has been creating his masterpieces since 1994 and has gained so much notoriety that Brands have even commissioned him for his extraordinary pieces. I remember seeing a video of his years ago where he needed to shoot a piece very early in the morning and without authority knowledge because he was certain not to get a permit. As a result, he was in essence one of the first flash mob organizers.

The work is visually stunning and really show the beauty of the human form as part of the greater environment in which it belongs compared to other works that focus on the detail of the human form. It surprises me how many people are keen to participate in his endeavors for nothing more than being part of something special. Have a look at his portfolio here – 

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