Nike leans into corporate responsibility and will use its take on sport to make the world a better place

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Nike continues to amaze me with their relentless efforts to create movements that matter. Last year they were on an absolute streak – LiveStrong & Chalkbot, Red, Write The Future, World Basketball Festival, etc. Each sparked conversations that ignited their respective sport communities. Clearly Nike plans on continuing with a vengeance in 2011. Only a few days into the New Year they launched Nike Better World.

This new platform is about sport’s role in championing human well-being and how Nike will lead the charge. The site is designed to read like a story and how “the world of sport-driven human well-being” will be realized. You enter the story with a video that acts as a Manifesto or “war cry” of the movement. Then you can scroll down the site’s content – which includes Nike’s new Free TR Fit shoes (designed with environmentally-preferred rubber) and pieces touting sport’s role in combating political unrest, homelessness, poverty and other social ills. It’s an altogether compelling, well-designed and informative experience.

From a technical perspective, Nike has leaned into new technology to bring to life their new movement – HTML 5. You will recall this being used for the release of Arcade Fire’s “The Wilderness Downtown”. It really allows for an immersive experience and furthers the Brand’s technology leadership attributes. Well done Nike!

Here’s the link to their site – (Watch the video!)

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