Lego fuels pop culture with an Oscar and photo project

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lego-oscarsLego is a Brand that has truly become part of the current of pop culture. Through its brilliant partnerships and marketing programs it has created a life for the analog game that would have been hard to imagine a decade ago. The result has been a torrent of artists and creative people using Lego in their creative endeavours. See some of the stories already written about Lego and its iconic pop culture status – here and here and here.

Arguably the most successful Brand program for Lego has been its film and TV partnerships. These efforts have given Lego a new world of imagination while keeping the Brand incredibly contemporary. As a result we have seen countless marketing efforts off these partnerships, the most recent being feature films (see here). The credible connection to film that Lego has created for itself has allowed it to confidently be part of the ongoing cultural dialogue around film, even around the Oscars. For the nominees of the Best Picture category, a collection of Lego-inspired movie posters were created. They will most definitely be a desired commodity and further cement Lego’s relationship with culturally-leading film.

12 Years a Slave American Hustle Captain Phillips Dallas Buyers Club Gravity Her Nebraska Philomena The Wolf

Lego has also focused religiously on the art community given that it brilliantly reinforces their belief in igniting imagination in everyone. Whether it is celebrating great Lego sculptors (see here) or great Lego street art (see here), the Brand is championing as many creative projects that use their blocs to spark imagination. As a result, many creatives use Lego of their own will. A recent example is a photography project done by British photographer Andrew Whyte. The series is called “Legographer” and follows a Lego photographer for 365 days capturing memorable places and moments around the UK. Have a look (You can also see all his works at his website here).

legographer-lego-photography-andrew-whyte-2 legographer-lego-photography-andrew-whyte-3 legographer-lego-photography-andrew-whyte-4 legographer-lego-photography-andrew-whyte-5 legographer-lego-photography-andrew-whyte-6 legographer-lego-photography-andrew-whyte-12 legographer-lego-photography-andrew-whyte-17 legographer-lego-photography-andrew-whyte-22 legographer-lego-photography-andrew-whyte-24

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