Immersive storytelling through lighting-based activations

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It wasn’t that long ago that the best light shows were found at concerts. Now both non-music artists and Brands are putting on shows that would make Pink Floyd proud. Lighting technology has come a very long way where viewers can be transported into worlds that come right out of the movies. With such incredible impact, the spectator will certainly remember his or her experience. Brands take advantage of this by combining this emotional magic with their values to allow consumers to feel what they stand for, not just hear it.

Nike is a master at storytelling and thus constantly explores new ways to immerse consumers into its tales. Most recently they put in place an installation that allowed football fans to feel what it was like to be a professional footballer. A huge box was created where a series of moving spotlights on the ground represented defensive players that would need to be “out-maneuvered” and targets on either of the 3 walls would pop up that would need to be hit. The fourth wall was the audience creating a true professional football match experience. Very powerful. This initiative shows how a combination of computer programming, projection-mapping technology, and stage lighting can make very immersive brand experiences.

Everyday artists are also finding great inspiration from lighting technologies to provide truly immersive experiences. The available technologies are allowing artists to become magicians to a certain degree, because they are able to distort reality creating incredible emotional impact. The below installation presentation brings this to life beautifully. Using two moving surfaces the play with lighting tests your belief whether you are viewing reality or trickery. Very cool.

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