How to treat your books like trophies? Find the right bookshelves that you can’t help but notice

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The beauty about books is that there is emotional and time investment which results in an attachment to the books that your read. The convenience of using tablets to house a large collection of books and make on-the-go reading a hassle free pleasure is undeniable. However, tablets will never be able to satiate the desire to have a physical memory. Since there is a powerful emotional attachment to what you read, a physical memory, a trophy of accomplishment, is often strongly desired. As such, not only will the book remain (and arguably evolve in design appeal), it will become the “trophy” that you proudly display – read here. As part of this evolving (or strengthening if you prefer) relationship with books is providing an equally interesting “stage” for your books at home. As a result, we have seen a growing pool of creative experimentation with bookshelves.

The stage for books at home is your bookshelf, and people are increasingly looking to find interesting and arresting options that pay hommage to their books and celebrate the works that lie within. Even Ikea is exploring interesting ideas for their bookshelves (see here). The book is becoming a part of the living room that you design around, not one for left-over spaces. It truly is equalling art. This blog will look at a collection of bookshelves that illustrate this point. They are beautiful, masterfully designed, and surprising. Enjoy.

The Paperback wall system from Bonluxat (see website here). When filled it really looks like a framed piece of art, inviting you to explore the details (the books) as you would a painted piece.

A “call to action” bookcase designed for the Saporiti, an Italian designer brand. The bookcase is modular to allow it to be placed in different living room settings. You are intrigued by the sentence which draws you into the books that fill the words.

A triangular bookshelf system designed by Fitting. Its visual presence makes it a dominant element for any wall allowing for creative placement of books that add a playful element to the “presentation”

The floating bookcase from Das Rote Paket in Germany takes influence from hanging shoe racks or hanging plant pots. The ingenious design allows the books to sit comfortably inside without ever falling out but easily pulled out. Once again, the book becomes a centerpiece in the room where this unit is placed.

The crushing bookcase. A lovely piece that gives evidence to the “power” of the books through the design. The design is sure to draw your eye and will give energy to a room.

The doorway bookshelf (see more info here) is not at first glance a design that will draw your attention. However, as it becomes clear that it folds into a door to reveal another room, your books become the passageway to a new experience. Brilliant.

The sunken bookshelf designed by Raw Edges Design Studio allows your books to become a statue, or installation art. While not that convenient (placing a glass on it will likely be problematic), they are visually arresting and will ensure people gaze inside.

The branch bookshelf designed by Wok Media creates an organice vibe in your living room. The design is beautiful, arresting, and multi-purpose. While it cannot display many books, it does allow you to “trophy” your best collection.

The coffee table bookshelf has been done many times before. However, the designs from Nobody And Co in Italy are stunning. They are highly functional but also celebrate the books in an unusual way, inviting the bystander to dig in.

The tree bookshelf from Beton Anime is absolutely stunning. The piece becomes the anchor furniture for a room and thus ensures attention on the books. Beautiful.

The alphabetical bookshelf from Swiss Miss is great for a children’s room because it allows you to catalogue your books by letters. It is both an organizing and educational furniture piece.

I absolutely love this design because it literally displays your books as works of art. You can find them in the UK at Graham & Green.

This cubic bookshelf from Yanko Design tricks the eye to ensure that you look again. A colorful and playful piece, that shouts for art and photography books to fill its spaces.

The chair bookshelf designed by Danielle Lago from Italy is a brilliant piece because it builds in functionality with personality. The seat that is part of the unit just begs for you to start reading. Absolutely brilliant.

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