How to teach kids new words? Design a clothing company!

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Starting a kids clothing line is incredibly difficult. The sheer volume of competitors is enormous. Furthermore, a large amount of them have decent design and craftsmanship. As such, the main thing that ensures success is a good concept (see article on Little Miss Lia). Something that parents can be proud putting on their kid, and a value or purpose that they can buy into.

The Bay Area Council developed a brilliant children’s line based on a fundamental parent need – having enough time to read or sing to their kids. The more that parents do this, the greater a child’s vocabulary and thus the greater the chance that ttwoheir children will be prepared for the future. Therefore, The Bay Area Council figured that it would develop a line of clothes and accessories that remind parents to read and sing to their kids.

The clothes, towels, blankets, etc. all have beautiful designs with words, numbers, sayings that remind and encourage parents to broaden their children’s vocabulary through stories and songs. The Council went further to buy billboards on key routes so that a parent could be stopped at a light, see the billboard, and be prompted to share something with their kids. Very smart and very cool. Have a look at the video.


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