How to make your packaging play a key role in your Brand’s storytelling? Axe and Gladiator show us a few ways

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Brands are increasingly finding creative ways of making their packaging part of communications stories. However, I am not talking about collectible cans or seasonal wrapping, I am talking about using the regular pack in some unusual real-life story that helps reinforce the Brand’s values. Coke is the champion of this, with its many vending machines stories (see here and here and here and here and here and here).

Axe has also been good at heroing its pack to give it a role in helping men in the mating game. Their approach to pack storytelling is to present it in the consumer’s daily world in unexpected but highly relevant situations that add value to their target’s desires, hurdles, celebrations in their evolution in the mating game. Recently they have found very unusual locations for deodorant brands to be doing experiential marketing – in bars and restaurants. To help men in emergency situations where they could be letting a girl slip away, Axe has installed “fire-emergency-type” glass boxes that should only be broken when facing a relationship emergency. Very funny and very right for the Brand.

The next Brand that has found a way of making their pack part of the Brand story is Gladiator Energy Drink in Brazil. The Brand is owned by Coke and you can see the company’s creative muscle applied to Gladiator. In a similar way to Axe, Gladiator have identified obstacles or opportunities in their target’s world where the Brand plays. In the case of Gladiator it is the work place. Since Gladiator is the energy drink for the white collar warrior, they find ways to add value to the daily grind. For this campaign they found a unique product idea – turning the pack into a portable USB –  since finding a flash drive during important meetings is often a problem. The campaign is more a content gimmick but brings to life the Brand role nonetheless. Have a look.

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