How to make your ad memorable? Try a twist

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unlovedThe twist has been a tactic used by TV commercial storytellers for decades. Once you truly surprise a person, you’ve got their attention and thus have a strong ability to make a person remember your pitch. The challenge is to make the twist meaningful and closely connected to your product or service. A sure fire way to make the twist meaningful is to link it to a universal and powerful human emotion. This way there is a sense of honesty and authenticity to the message. I have found three spots that all use the twist to great affect using separate human emotions: love, laughter, and sadness.

The Mayhem Animal Home developed one of the most powerful and surprising spots that I have seen in ages. They used the human emotion of sadness in a way that is perfect because it wasn’t merely depressing, it was wrapped in hope. The story tapped into a reality that I have never seen used by any company or Brand that is dedicated to dogs. The sincerity of the message and the universal ability to connect and understand the scenario being depicted ensures that this story and its message will be remembered. Have a look.

The next great example of success in using the end twist was done by Adobe’s internet analytics service. They found a perfect use of humour to surprise audiences. Humour is a favoured human emotion among creative storytellers but the risk is that the credibility of the message gets lost in the funny scenario. Keeping it honest and restrained is the space where brilliance can be made. Have a look.

The last example of brilliant ways to create a twist is by haircare Brand Schwarzkopf. This brand leans into love, arguably the most powerful and misused human emotion. If done right, it can be incredibly powerful. If done wrong, it becomes very fake. An example of how not to use love is Axe’s recent film for their new Peace product. The exaggerated and staged settings make the brand come across and utterly insincere. Schwarzkopf on the other hand use love in a more toned down fashion but used at a perfect moment ignite the emotion with viewers. Have a look.

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