How is technology affecting business today? Look at what happens online in 60 seconds, look at the trajectory of social media and you’ll get a sense of the answer

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A few years ago there were videos released every few months that celebrated the massive leaps of the internet. Arguably the most famous was the “Did You Know” series (see here and here and here and here). The videos were so popular that there were even spoofs done of them (see the most recent one here) – at least this one seems like a spoof.

The attention that these types of videos get these days is less, simply because the speed of change is so great, people are much more informed, and the sheer numbers aren’t that surprising anymore (we seem to have become de-sensitised). If you see the video on Social Media in 2012 (look below), the progress and influence is noteworthy but the facts seem somewhat expected and thus not worth sharing.

A video was released a little while ago bringing to life the speed of the internet and thus the power of the internet (see below). It shares what happens in 60 seconds on the web today. When you see this it is not surprising that catch-up will forever be part of the business reality. However, that is perfectly ok because it will (hopefully) fuel great openness, great transparency, greater accountability (even if it is forced by the population at large), and greater progress.

Companies today are beginning to work within this new reality but many leaders who were educated and raised in the previous era simply can’t fully adapt because the current reality is so far from their paradigm, their working understanding, their comfort border. Consequently, we will see a great deal of companies suffer because they can’t get out of their own way. Many have deep infrastructures in place which are great because they can be activated to really work with today’s reality. So when their “old school leaders” leave their companies will likely be in a good place to fully engage in the new reality – leveraging speed, flexibility, change, instinct, societal dynamics, etc.

Food for thought. Enjoy the videos.

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