How can you get the attention of great employers? Use a good dose of creativity with your CV

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The job market is very challenging, especially for young professionals. Competition is fierce as increasing number of people with fantastic skills and experiences fight for a slim number of opportunities. Personal marketing is therefore becoming very important.

There are many ways to market yourself such as putting in place a networking strategy, identifying personal skills and experiences that are a competitive advantage and upping them, crafting a tight and compelling sales strategy, etc. As part of all this is your resume. It is often the first thing that people see and thus you want to be sure that it conveys your story and image in the ideal way – one that is true to who you are and one that will make employers do a double take.

Applying a good dose of creativity to your CV is a great way to get noticed. Certain industries, such as graphic design, allow for much great creative freedom, but it is possible to be equally creative in other ways for more “traditional” industries. The guys at Demilked found a collection of interesting resumes of which I have pulled my favorites. Have a look and enjoy.

1. Gift box CV – Playing on the term “thinking outside the box”, this young creative was able to “package” his details in a very compelling way.

2. Milk carton CV – This graphic artist from London, played on the cultural recognizable missing persons delivery format. The layout is great but he could have chosen a better photo.

3. Facebook CV – Sabrina has done a nice job at making her resume more approachable while demonstrating her social media savvy. I love the way that she has incorporated references in a very real (to the FB environment) but clear way.

4. Google CV – Eric actually got an interview with Google after his site (see here) was featured on several blogs.

5. T-shirt CV – Kelly Kinney started this idea in 2008 with a basic t-shirt that said “I need a job” on the front and had her details on the back. She would sit in coffee houses and day-time gathering areas that executives in her sector often frequented. As it turns out, you can now order her t-shirts online.

6. Coffee Bag CV – Benjamin shows off his packaging acumen and provides a gift that employers can actually use on the job – coffee. A lovely display of craft and creativity – see his site here.

7. Typographic CV – The skills on this resume say exactly how good this person is. His website is equally impressive – see here.

8. Board Game CV – A little car was handed out as part of this board-game resume by Kristian Leigh Walsh so that you can “drive through” her work experiences.

9. Subway Map CV – A simple and intuitive way to share all your details in a timeline structure.

10. Newspaper CV – The old-school design shows his design sensibility while the clean layout makes you easily find all the information in a fun and playful way

11. Talkable CV – Showing his digital acumen and creative flair, Victor developed a QR Code resume that allowed him to create a more personal and engaging story (see his website).

12. The Interactive Follow-Up – Not wanting to leave anything up to chance, Mike attached an appointment app to his CV. The instructions are really funny and nicely bring out his personality.

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