How about a reality where you never have to wait on the phone again? Not even for the Government!

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How many times have you been left waiting on the phone for your phone operator’s service center to help you? Better yet, how many times have you tried to inquire about some government service (say a passport renewal or visa request) and been left over 20 minutes on the phone until an operator final answers? Now you need not wait a minute. A new service called LucyPhone does the tedious waiting for you. Here’s how it works: visitors to the LucyPhone website enter the toll-free number of the company they want to contact, or find it in LucyPhone’s extensive database of customer service numbers, and enter their callback number. LucyPhone stays on the line and as soon as a customer service agent picks up, LucyPhone calls the user back and connects them. The service can also be accessed via the free LucyPhone iPhone app. see here

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