Helping society by giving a new spin on everyday routines

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imagesMarketing initiatives where you take an everyday routine or behaviour and give it a new application often result in truly inspiring work. The act of surprise and creativity to give you a new perspective on something that you’ve seen countless times will engage and thus be talked about.

A brilliant idea from Spain uses homeless signs as a way to help homelessness. The initiative is called where the different writing styles from cardboard signs are turned into fonts and sold to creatives and designers. The idea is brilliant because it turns plight into creative fodder. If you want to see what fonts are for sale, have a look here – You can also enjoy the case video below.

Another great idea comes from Brazil where tattoo artists were used to educate the public on skin cancer. With skin art being incredibly popular in Brazil and the risk of skin cancer rising as the environment changes, AC Camargo (a renown science institute) decided to bring these two realities together to literally help one another. The result is incredible. Have a look at the case video.

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