Heineken takes content marketing to the next level by looking at admin as a creative opportunity: Introducing the Heineken interview

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Heineken have been pushing the boundaries of social marketing and content marketing for many years. We all remember their famous Champions League Concert stunt (see case study here). This brilliant piece of work was well ahead of its time and made Heineken part of the pioneer brands that ushered in the era of content marketing. Since then Heineken have continuously developed interesting content that fueled their culturally-leading approach to digital. Whether it be exploring new technologies (see interesting window installations; or their Socially activated LED Christmas tree installation), finding ways of using their fans in content development (see Champions League Cup stunt), interesting bottle and barcode innovations (see every bottle activates a party idea), or their unique music festival activations (see Tastebuddies program), they have found a way of making every bit of content more liquid and thus create a communications platform that works incredibly hard.

The power of Heineken’s approach to digital is that they want to develop content off of every marketing initiative. This ensures that all activities across all regions feed into a bigger marketing pool, which ensures greater global Brand consistency. Now they have taken their thinking on content development to the next level by turning admin processes into content. In the film below they have found a way of making the interview process an entertaining piece of content. For an internship, they made the interview process very different to find the perfect candidate. The result: a very funny film. Enjoy.

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