Great Brazil World Cup creativity – chapter 2

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The FIFA World Cup in Brazil is now well underway and marketing creativity has come from some surprisingly unexpected places. We have seen some brilliant work coming from amateurs, broadcasters, and newbies. Much of the work leans into the cultural sentiment of the moment. With the tournament creating some of the most entertaining football ever seen at the World Cup, this new creativity seems to fit right in.

It is very fitting that the Cannes Future Lions winner should have a FIFA World Cup theme. The work is a brilliant idea of leveraging fan passion and turning it into energy that can actually help those in Brazil that are the victims of the World Cup, in the sense that they have not been able to benefit from the investments by the state.

One Brand that I’d never guess would have been able to produce one of the most powerful World Cup ad is Beats By Dre. Their work has truly tapped into the athlete mindset and energy. The newly appointed Marketing Director comes from Nike’s advertising agency so we can expect a lot more great work from Beats in the future.

The BBC has also created some beautiful promotional films to celebrate their coverage of the FIFA World Cup. The work uses figurines and tells the story of how these characters make their way to Brazil in an epic adventure. Have a look at the films. Absolutely entertaining.

Coca Cola never fails to show up creatively for these big sponsored events. This year’s FIFA World Cup work is no different. In short they have captured the power in football to be able to inspire and create hope. Then they supercharge this positive emotion by allowing a select few to experience the big stage. With so many smaller countries, poorer countries, stricken countries letting their voices be heard very loudly at the event so far, this message from Coke seems to have been very well chosen.

A very funny FIFA World Cup campaign is one that targets Americans who only truly care about NFL. Its a “Football Translator” Google Chrome extension that helps NFL fans make sense of all the World Cup football lingo. The brainchild of Ben Smith, Stephen Dalton and Harold Jones, who are advertising creatives living in Colorado. It is rather funny and highlights the general disinterest that many Americans have in the “beautiful game”. Have a look at their website here –

Screen-Shot-2014-06-10-at-9.06.30-pm-640x477 A brilliant FIFA World Cup creative undertaking comes from the London gallery “The Proud Archivist” which has teamed up with Panini to create an exhibition that any football-loving individual will have to visit. In short they are exhibiting every Panini sticker ever printed. As most of you will know, Panini creates collector books for every World Cup where you can collect the stickers of each player, team, stadium, etc. They are truly part of the heritage of this epic tournament. The exhibition end July 13th. See details to the gallery here –


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