Film today – pushing storytelling approaches to extremes

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Commercial filmic storytelling has been heavily exploring different approaches to find novel ways of engaging its audiences, be it through longer-form stories, dynamic stories, candid-camera stories, and so on. It is very refreshing to see that Brand owners are brave enough to allow their creative partners to engage in such experiments. Youtube tools have allowed creatives to experiment with multi-storyplot ideas.

The most innovative use of Youtube technology to provide dual story films was recently released for the Honda Civic. By pressing “R” on your keyboard, you can flip from one film to the next which show you the life of a regular Civic and its more “extreme” brother, the Civic Type R. The films are absolutely brilliant in their detail and depth. Each could be its own long-form film but linking the two adds a new level of engagement and a third, equally gripping, viewing experience. Have a look here


The infatuation with long-form content is clearly broadening among advertisers. The recent work from Johnnie Walker (called Gentlemen’s Wager) is a case in point. However, Virgin America have taken this to new heights. They developed a 5 hour story showing you the nuisances of regular travel. The film is literally the entirety of a long haul flight in which all the irritating experiences are revealed. Have a look… well at least a skim through.

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