Film in 2013 & a collection of inspiring TV commercials

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The past year has brought us truly inspiring film, both on the silver screen and on our home screens. Themes have covered the gamut but action, survival and despair have been leaned into more frequently, especially among motion pictures. The uncertainty in society is definitely influencing the stories that studios are financing and that audiences want to see. You’d think that audiences would want escapism. Instead they want to explore the emotions associated with uncertainty, but often wrapped in fictional scenarios. The quest for human betterment is also a theme that can be noticed in some of our more memorable films in 2013. The reliance on the individual in a world where institutions, be they company or governmental, are increasingly unreliable has likely furthered the popularity of this theme. The following is a compilation of all these wonderful masterpieces from 2013. Have a look and enjoy.

Putting the spotlight on people, stories, actions, or beliefs that further the betterment of mankind, even if ever so slightly, has been growing in popularity among advertisers. Their consumers are clearly looking for more grounded and genuine behaviour from the Brands that they buy. Subsequently, advertising messaging is more real and more purposeful, not simply hard-selling or celebrating cosmetic realities.

A simple, everyday manifestation of this new spirit of advertising can be seen in this beautiful story by Apple release for the holidays, titled “Misunderstood”. Enjoy.

An equally simple manifestation of this new spirit in advertising was done by Skype and Google. The key difference is that the stories and protagonists are the real deal. Expect more of these types of stories as everyday people become more independent and do things that Brands will want to leverage as a means of propelling their own values.

Skype – The Born Friends Family Portrait

Google – Another Way To Fly

Another way that this spirit in advertising is manifesting itself is through more aggressive and hard-hitting messaging. The below example is from UN Women and thus is expected to be more to the point than Brand advertising. However, we have seen the likes of Dove take on societal topics with incredible directness and power.

The last way that we are seeing a move towards greater realism is by celebrating those of the past that are admired but were real in their own right. A recent film from Chanel that brings back Marilyn Monroe in a stunning fashion.

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