Fashion Brand Frank hits Amsterdam and shocks the establishment

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With a good social media strategy and a solid community manager a simple event can have as much impact as a traditional media buy. Heineken, Coke and Red Bull have deployed this strategy to perfection. However we have also seen many unexpected brands exploring this technique. Notably KLM and other small airlines. Now a discount clothing store from the Netherlands has entered the forum.

Zeeman wanted to demonstrate that high fashion did not have to cost high prices. To make the point they held a secret fashion show during Amsterdam Fashion Week. Assuming the name of a fake fashion brand called “Frank”, they hosted an exclusive runway show inviting top media and celebrities. The response was astounding. When the real Brand behind the show was revealed, the shock could be seen in the faces of the people throughout the room. Brilliant.

Expect more Brands to disrupt routines, film it, and use the content as messages for their advertising. The authenticity of the act coupled with the real reaction of the people gives these pieces of content incredible entertainment value that is not easy to attain with regular staged ads.

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