Creativity that strengthens personal relationships

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imagesToo often the many distractions that flood our daily lives cloud our abilities to appreciate the richness of the relationships so near to us. Whether it is work, information, news, your social media feeds, your to-do-list, or a list of other daily obsessions, we allow them to distract us from the few things that really matter that are always with us, our family and loved ones.

Stepping out of the everyday flow and into the present can be emotionally very powerful because you realise that what you take for granted is what you should most appreciate. Creative works that force you to think about this cultural reality, if done with sensibility, can be very touching and disarming. Here is one such example from Have a look.

The power and personal value of a relationship is worth making time for by brushing aside the daily distractions. A brilliant art project by duo ShinLiArt does exactly that. Called “Half&Half”, the couple who was living apart, one in NYC the other in Seoul, decided to take photos of the mirror image of their daily lives and then place them side by side to create a “virtual bond”. Through this art piece they somehow were able to live together while not in the same place. Very beautiful.

long-distance-relationship-photo-project-half-half-seok-li-danbi-shin-13 long-distance-relationship-photo-project-half-half-seok-li-danbi-shin-12 long-distance-relationship-photo-project-half-half-seok-li-danbi-shin-10 long-distance-relationship-photo-project-half-half-seok-li-danbi-shin-9 long-distance-relationship-photo-project-half-half-seok-li-danbi-shin-8 long-distance-relationship-photo-project-half-half-seok-li-danbi-shin-7 long-distance-relationship-photo-project-half-half-seok-li-danbi-shin-6 long-distance-relationship-photo-project-half-half-seok-li-danbi-shin-5 long-distance-relationship-photo-project-half-half-seok-li-danbi-shin-3 long-distance-relationship-photo-project-half-half-seok-li-danbi-shin-2 long-distance-relationship-photo-project-half-half-seok-li-danbi-shin-1 long-distance-relationship-korean-couple-photo-collage-half-shiniart-j

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