Creativity removes the blindness created by our own selfishness

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Humanity is incredibly selfish and self-consumed. We enjoy watching and commenting on the plight of others but never consider how close we can be to a very similar plight. The media fuels this voyeuristic behaviour. We need only look at CNN and its relentless coverage of the Malaysian disaster. The sensationalism of “doom” has been so over-the-top that comics have started mocking it – see Jon Stewarts segment here. However when it comes to our own front yard we are blind to the disasters all around us. Worse we choose to be blind because it avoids us feeling any sense of responsibility or emotional pain. One such disaster is homelessness. We tend to blame them instead of recognizing that the paths to homelessness are many. In fact they are so many that any of us could easily be affected, be it directly or indirectly.


The New York Rescue Mission charity sought to bring the plight of homelessness very close to home so that it would be unavoidable to ignore it. The Project is called Make Them Visible and uses people’s families to force them to look at and deal with homelessness. The reaction of the “victims” really shows how eye-opening a simple change of perspective can be. More importantly it educates the viewer on the importance of paying attention to the plights that are right in our front yard, and encourages taking action because we are not as far from being affected by them as we think. Have a look.

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