Cool new music and music videos – January 2013 edition

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My monthly music update has uncovered some very cool songs and music videos. Thanks to so many blogs and friends I’ve been able to find gems to share with you throughout 2012. The upcoming year will likely bring an equally great collection of discoveries.

To start the year I have pulled some songs and videos that were hits by other music reviews. The two that I have sourced these songs from are Brainpickings (see their 10 and a half favorite albums of 2012 here), and from Co Create (see their 15 best music videos from 2012 here). I hope that you enjoy them.

Keaton Henson – “Small Hands”

Chairlift – “Met Before”

Grimes – “Oblivion”

Danny Brown – “Grown Up”

Joey Ramone – “New York City”

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