Coca-Cola creativity is off to a roaring start in 2013: 3 home runs and we haven’t even hit February yet!

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Coke has creatively started off with a bang in 2013. Clearly being awarded Advertiser of the Year in Cannes this year has ignited their creative bellies. They are about to embark on a truly epic storytelling initiative around the SuperBowl (see Ad Age article here), they have already launched a stunning animation piece around their Polar Bears done by Ridley Scott (see below), and now they have launched a film titled “Let’s Go Crazy” that celebrates people’s random acts of kindness or “pay it forward” moments.

The “Let’s Go Crazy” film seems to be the second chapter of “real stories of happiness” that was kicked-off by their hidden camera film (see here). The idea of paying it forward is gaining momentum and it seems appropriate that Coke champions this social movement. I wrote about a very cool but lo-fi initiative out of Canada by Tim Horton’s (read here) that made headlines during this past Christmas. Moreover, the actual Pay It Forward movement has gained a notable following (visit site here), and the official “Pay It Forward Day” had 52 countries participating in 2012 with many more expected this year. It will be interesting to see whether Coke and other Brands act on this day given the current social mood and consumer expectations that Brands need to do their part in changing behaviors, mindsets and even policies. In the meantime, enjoy the great work.

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