Burger giant encourages hacking to get free food!

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Some of the most innovative commercial creative work comes out of Israel. Just yesterday I wrote about a great prank campaign from LG (see here), now I found this cunning hack campaign from burger giant Burgeranch. 

The goal was to successfully launch a new meal combo on the menu called the Combina, which which basically means “outsmarting the system” where the burger deal gives you a whole lot more food for less money. For Burgeranch success meant a lot of awareness quickly and to get more feet in their restaurants. So the local agency, McCann, took the values of Combina to heart and figured out a way to perfectly reflect them.

Therefore, they creating two campaigns: the first official campaign drove users to an online quiz that was impossible to answer correctly, meanwhile, they seeded another campaign with clues of how to hack the quiz by changing details in the URL. Once word spread, the campaign took off. So simple and so genius. Enjoy

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