Breaking female stereotypes


It is unacceptable that in this day and age gender equality is still being battled out. We see this in many parts of life, notably the professional world. We see it even more pronounced in less developed countries. Part of the cancer that continues to feed this reality is simple perception: there remain deep-rooted beliefs about male vs female abilities.

Over the course of recent years we have seen more and more Brands contribute to this debate to break perceptions. A recent piece of work from ESPN in Brazil brilliantly puts a spotlight on the issue of indoctrinated thought. It is a powerful film, beautifully done, and certain to trigger debate. Have a look.

Invisible Players – ESPN from Agência Africa on Vimeo.

The next Brand that tackles the dated paradigm of a woman’s role in the household is Ariel. Via the #ShareTheLoad  campaign, Ariel forces debate and action around a powerful story of truth. The core of the narrative is about a moment of enlightenment that forces the change of thought of an “old guard” male. It is sad that this still goes on but brilliant and bold for a mainstream brand in India to tackle the topic. Please have a look.

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