Brands fight the social media revolution

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The all-consuming social media world is bound to create some push back from people who crave more analog moments in their lives. Technology has brought about quite anti-social behaviours where humanity seems more preoccupied with what is happening on their tiny screen than on the rich canvas of life that exists all around them. Brands will play a role in helping carve out moments to enjoy this canvas, fulfilling the needs that we are increasingly not aware that we really… need.

downloadThere have been two recent campaigns from Coke and Polar Beer that help us connect to our surroundings in more real and meaningful ways. Both find simple and innovative ways to put down our phones.

The one from Coke is more of a gimmick but makes the point very clearly. Essentially, the Brand has created human dog collars. The video that has been created to show “the product in action” is hilarious and highlights that we have adopted behaviours that require “forced training” to wean ourselves off of the phone. Have a look

The product created by Polar Beer uses technology against technology. Essentially, the Brand has created a cooler that jams phone signals around a 5 foot radius so that you are forced to talk and engage with your friends at the bar versus those in your phone. The experiential program is definitely polarising because some may find it really appropriate while others will find it very irritating. However, this is totally fine. The Brand is making a statement about what it finds important and those that don’t agree should simply not buy the Brand. Have a look at the case video below.

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