Bowie and creativity: the inspiration continues

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I stumbled on these great pop culture posters celebrating the creative life of David Bowie. The work was done by Butcher Billy.

The work made me think a moment at the incredible impact that David had on the lives of so many. His creativity was unquestionable, but his bravery to test the boundaries of his beliefs, feelings, and passions is worth acknowledging. The world that he lived in was different: the cult of celebrity did not exist as it does today which allowed for a bit more personal freedom. He was able to nurture his expressions. He also had a tight group of similar-minded artists (in the broader definition) that provided great motivation and inspiration. Nonetheless, he also blossomed in a time of high conservatism where the drive to fight against the cesspool of sameness was enormous.

There is an interesting parallel today with the reality that allowed Bowie to thrive in his heightened creative time. While the conservatism is less and different, there is a status quo that many are feverishly trying to change. We see many attempts to change this reality – protesters fighting against the various injustices, tech entrepreneurs trying to mold a different way of living, and so on. A main thrust for change in this new reality is creativity. We should therefore take inspiration from Bowie on how to push creativity beyond our comfort zones, to domains that will be challenged and perhaps looked on unfavorably. He truly had purpose in his creativity and that is more important now, than ever. Thanks David.

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