2012 in review: The future of mobile and technology

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Now that we know that our world did not dismantle on December 21st, we can look towards our future with much greater excitement. The attitudes of people are changing and will likely make greater strides in the years to come (just look at Zeitgeist 2012 or 2012: What Brought us together). The connection we have with our communities and those from around the world will only increase as the global society becomes socially networked (see the role that social networks played in 2012 here). It feels as though there is an undercurrent of positive change driven by the generation that society seems to not want to help due to its dated structures and processes. I do not need to state the societal and political examples that have marked this year. It is an age of social enlightenment (see NY Times article here). Those leading these movement are also embarking on exciting projects in arenas that the older generations simply aren’t as nimble to dive into.

Mobile is arguably among the top areas that will drive huge societal progress in the future. By looking at the great strides made in mobile in 2012 we are sure to be inspired by what lies ahead – in the near future and distant future. With the technology exponentially growing along with data speed we are looking at a lot of opportunity for innovation. Most of the platforms that are driving the heavy mobile usage (see video below) have been started by young people with big dreams. This will only grow and it will be a great ride to be part of.

Google Ventures is a great venture capital company to glance at to see the exciting ingenuity and creativity that is bubbling in society today that will influence the way we live tomorrow. They have put together a video (see below) that brings to life all this great thinking. As mentioned in the film, 2012 was a year of possibility. It can be argued that the bad economic streak we have had since 2008 has ignited the flames of innovation and entrepreneurialism. While it often is the case that good needs to come from bad, we are now (I believe) in the time of good and we will marvel at what the young minds around the world conjure up.

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